0Camille ARNAUDMake-Up Artist
1Camille ARNAUDHair and Make-Up ArtistAlready have Camille Arnaud
2Olivia ARNAUDFashion Stylist
3Karine BELLYHair and Make-Up Artist
4Jessica BERULLIERHair and Make-Up Artist
5Anita BUJOLI-
6Ludovic CADEOMake-Up Artist
7Marcello COSTAHair Stylist
8Xavier CURTHair and Make-Up Artist
9Luc DROUENHair and Make-Up Artist
10Paul DUCHEMINHair Stylist
11Paola FERRARIHair and Make-Up Artist
12Delphine GOICHONHair and Make-Up Artist
13Elodie IDDOUHair and Make-Up Artist
14Sabrina IDDOUHair and Make-Up Artist
15Cyril LAFORETHair StylistHe doesn't work with us
16LORANDYMake-Up Artist, ManicuristHe is also makeup artist
17Isabelle LUZETHair Stylist
18Isabelle LUZETHair StylistAlready have Isabelle Luzet
19Fanny MAURERMake-Up Artist
20MISS MOJIManicurist
21Victoria MONVOISINHair and Make-Up ArtistAlready have
22Victoria MONVOISINMake-Up Artist
23Cyril NESMONMake-Up Artist
24Flavio NUNESHair and Make-Up Artist
25Jean-Charles PERRIERMake-Up Artist
26RAYNALDHair Stylist
27Christelle RIBEIROHair Stylist
28Hervé SAINT CERINHair and Make-Up Artist
29Aline SCHMITTMake-Up Artist
30Peggy VALORHair and Make-Up Artist