MATHEMATIC Post-production Photo & Video / Art Direction / Retouchers & Digital Services / CGI

agency : Air Paris
Director : Daniel Sannwald
Client : BULGARI...Client : BULGARI Agency : Megalo(s) Paris Director : Xavier Chassaing / UFO DoP : Martin Konrad Production : UFO Producer : Rebecca Rice Post Production : 3D Stephane Rogeon, Yann Glica, Bertrand Avril, Thomas Van Maele Flare / Compositing AFX : Clément Germain Flame : Fred Brandon Flare : Nicolas Martinez
Director : FLEUR et MANU Production : LES TELECREATEURS
Co-Designed and directed by Axel Courtiere and FX Pourre...Co-Designed and directed by Axel Courtiere and FX Pourre at UFO this latest stop motion project takes us through the years of Polo Lacoste. Part of the 80 years of the Lacoste Polo campaign the 1 minute film was created with French agency BETC LUXE and shot in Paris over 3 days. With over 250 polo’s the UFO team worked on a 3D animatic before debarking on the animation.Transitions such as the 1960s Pyschedelic pattern were created in house at MATHEMATIC using After FX. Agency : BETC LUXE UFO Producer : Rebecca Rice DoP : Martin Konrad Animators : Juliette Marchand, Sylvain Derosne Props Christophe Pommie Stylist : Ayako Iijima Post Production : Post Producer : Guillaume Marien POST TEAM : Jehan music : Green United Music
Director : Fleur & Manu...Director : Fleur & Manu Prod : Les Télécréateurs Agence : MNST
Design Visual Effects Mathematic
Director: André Saraiva...Director: André Saraiva Producer: Búzio Saraiva Producer: Xavier Favre Post-Production: Mathematic
Client / PUMA ...Client / PUMA Brand / Bodytrain Title / Laces Length / 01:08 Creative Chairman / David Droga Executive Creative Director Nik Studzinski Head of Integrated Production / Sally-Ann Dale Art Directors / Kenny Kim, Katie Potochney Agency Producer / Kim Williams
 Post Production / MATHEMATIC Directors / Mrzyk & Moriceau CEO/Executive Producer / Guillaume Marien Sound Production / Eye Candy Music / Acid Washed ‘General Motors, Detroit, America’ (Record Makers)
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