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“Somewhere strange.. in a place between mind and matter,...“Somewhere strange.. in a place between mind and matter, there stirs a hungry little beast. It starts with only a tiny peep, and a gnawing sensation. Though ignored at first, it won’t stop growing. Becoming a craving, then an urge. It’s time, to sustain that growing beast. To feed the Urge, To create.” Created & Produced by Woodwork Sound Design by THNDR.studio
Woodwork produced the new commercial for Italy's biggest...Woodwork produced the new commercial for Italy's biggest energy company Eni. A handcrafted frame-by-frame animation. Combined with technically challenging 3D simulation and 3D match moving into live action footage of the model. In the commercial we see how Eni is producing energy by using waves: an innovative, renewable energy source. Next, we see Silvia who is careful not to waste any water at home. Eni+, together we create new energy. CREDITS Produced & Directed by Woodwork Client: Eni Agency: TBWA Creatives: Gina Rident, Frank Guarini, Vittoria Apicella Producer: Matilde Castagna and Valter Buccino (Fargo Films) Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan Illustration & Animation: Marvin Koppejan, Lucas Flaton, Peter Klijn 3D Artist: Ernst Noort, David van Heeswijk Composite: Ernst Noort, David van Heeswijk Producer: Marthe Duits and Nina Fabel Director: Marvin Koppejan D.O.P.: Jeroen Simons Casting: It’s me Models
Keeping all the facts straight, well-renowned American...Keeping all the facts straight, well-renowned American Hellmann’s Mayonnaise originally derived from Germany. German immigrant Richard Hellman, who opened up a deli in New York City in 1905, introduced Americans to the recipe. Originally, two versions of the mayonnaise were sold, leading to an absolute winner in 1913 and from that time on Hellmann’s Mayonnaise were to become an established premium brand that serves to more than 50 countries around the world. After being reviewed in a Dutch tasting test as a number one in preserving the original mayonnaise flavor, Hellman’s is adding the Netherlands to their list as well. For this special occasion and being proud mayonnaise lovers, we created an animation that reflects why the richness and heritage of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is such a perfect fit to our little country. As the Dutch always say, ‘know your mayonnaise.’ Agency & Production: Woodwork Account producer: Alexander Kosman (Shoq Studio) Concept & Direction: Marvin Koppejan & Balster van Duijn Motion designer: Mathijs Luijten 3D: Tim Hijlkema, Jeff Beukema Copy: Paul Wetherall Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan Graphic Design/Illustration: Marvin Koppejan Character Design: Marvin Koppejan, Mathijs Luijten Managing Director: Balster van Duijn Producer: Sabine van Wechem Sound Design: MOST VO: Gregory Shapiro
Ladies & Gents!...Ladies & Gents! We thought that it was about time to celebrate this summer season so we’re woodworking it up by hosting a good ol’ fashioned BBQ! There will be meat, women and men, beer, music and more meat. Please join us on Friday, the 22nd of August from 6PM until we run out of fun. We are looking forward to it! Agency & Production: Woodwork Concept: Woodwork Key Visuals: David Arntz Animators: Marvin Koppejan, Mathijs Luijten Producer: Sabine van Wechem Music: Blow out Bay, Extreme Music Sound Design: Woodwork Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan Managing Director: Balster van Duijn Producer: Sabine van Wechem
Online campaign for Innovation Lighthouse...Online campaign for Innovation Lighthouse Music by BigBig for WoodWork
The Alibaba Group is China's biggest online commerce...The Alibaba Group is China's biggest online commerce company. Their mission: to make it easy to do business anywhere. Their aim: to build the future infrastructure of commerce. For the 2018 Alibaba Investor Day Conference we were approached by MerchantCantos Hong Kong to develop the opening film. The film tells the story of Alibaba’s core values and beliefs. By providing small business owners the technology, innovation, infrastructure and reach they want to put the power into the hands of "the little guy". Enabling small businesses to compete with "big business" on a global scale. The aim of the film is to capture the audience's attention in an unexpected and fresh manner. To deliver a message that can't be told by conventional statistics and graphs. The film opened the Investor Day Conference, hosted by Jack Ma and Daniel Zhang at the Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou China. It was screened on a custom built curved ultra-wide screen. Credits Client: Alibaba Agency: MerchantCantos, Hong Kong Agency Creative Director: Mark Cumming Agency Producer: Alex Wilson Produced and Directed by Woodwork Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan Creative Producer: Nina Fabel 3D animation: Ernst Noort, Jeff Beukema, Sjoerd Olislagers Music & Sound Design: Al Boorman - Wevie
In celebration and appreciation of the 50th anniversary...In celebration and appreciation of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission, we created a fully animated film: One - An Apollo 11 Homage. We would like to share this latest project with you. The anniversary will take place this coming Saturday, the 20th of July 2019, the moment the first man ever landed on the moon 50 years ago. In our opinion this has been one of mankind’s biggest achievements. It shows the ability of dreaming big, unification and teamwork. This mission shows that humanity, together, can achieve the impossible. As 600 million people around the globe watched this milestone, for the first time all the people on this Earth were truly one. — This film is a tribute to this achievement and a creative exercise to make a contemporary animation, showcasing the highlights of the Apollo 11 mission. We are proud to share that the film will be showcased by ESA, Discovery Network, ARTIS the Amsterdam Royal Zoo, Dutch Public Broadcast Channel and Bright during celebratory events around the 50th anniversary. Full Case: https://woodwork.nl/portfolio/one Music Behind the Scene: https://vimeo.com/348150708 Interview Good Chats https://link.medium.com/m14Snnu8xY — Credits: Directed by: Marvin Koppejan Produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam Music & Sound Design: Max Gramser Animation, Edit & Composite: Marvin Koppejan Additional 3D shots: Tim van der Wiel Ernst Noort Thanks to: Nina Fabel & Jonas Koppejan, Moa Nordin, David Gieling, Pedro Botsaris, Simon van de Rijdt, Marthe Duits & Marina Kagan.
The third animation we created for the campaign ‘Baby &...The third animation we created for the campaign ‘Baby & Job’. From design and illustrations through to direction and animation. The campaign is all about empowering women and informing them about their rights in their professional lives. 
 Directed by: Marvin Koppejan / Woodwork
 Illustration: Rachelle Slingerland
 Animation: David Gieling, Rob Wienk Sound design: Lea Jurida
For our client Polaroid we developed a ton of...For our client Polaroid we developed a ton of explorations as part of developing their Motion Language. With the iconic Polaroid logo as our starting point, we thought about ways to put the brand in motion. Matching the retro aesthetic of the new design language with fitting motion. We had a lot of fun with playing around with retro vibes and rainbows. This case study shows the array of tests and routes we explored. Enjoy! Music by THNDR studio.
Commissioned by Amsterdam's slickest bike brand VanMoof,...Commissioned by Amsterdam's slickest bike brand VanMoof, we produced the film announcing VanMoof+, their brand new subscription based service. Now everyone can ride a VanMoof bike with all the perks of owning a bike, but none of the worries. Including their awesome Bike Hunters service, where they even track your bike down and return it to you if it does get stolen! The future just rolled up. Jump on. This first film, the Company, was produced to introduce the new business plan to VanMoof's following. Direction & Production: Woodwork Music & Sound Design: Max Gramser Client: VanMoof
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