SADDINGTON BAYNES Photographer / Illustrator / Video Production / Post-production Photo & Video / Art Direction / Retouchers & Digital Services / CGI

Brief:...Brief: To create a fresh dynamic motion and print campaign of water forming a bottle motif to showcase Grohe Blue Home’s latest collection under the concept of ‘Unbottled Water’. Solution: With an established expertise in Fluid FX work in our portfolio we were able to direct and execute the perfect look and feel of a free flowing stream of water forming into a bottle, with a carefully choreographed splash to top it off. Working closing with Grey Düsseldorf, we explored numerous CG liquid styles and procedural animations with expressive bubble and water behaviour to inject a fresh vision of fluidity and movement required for this sculptural water animation. View the final piece on our website here:
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  • Post-production Photo & Video
  • CGI
  • Photographer
  • Illustrator
  • Video Production
  • Art Direction
  • Retouchers & Digital Services
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